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Hollywood Bright SmileSmile Like You Mean It

Hollywood Bright Smile was a life-changer for me. How come? Here’s a hard truth: When I look at older pictures of myself, I cringe a little bit. It isn’t difficult to notice that my teeth were always simply less bright and white than those around me. This is a frustration spawning from childhood. I didn’t take good enough care of my teeth when I was young, and also smoked as a young adult. I dealt with the ramifications. No matter how hard I tried to correct the problem — constant brushing and flossing, dental strips, whitening toothpaste — nothing made much of a difference. Then, I tried Hollywood Bright Smile.

I found out about this product before it ever came through the office at Viva. A friend recommended Hollywood Bright Smile, saying that it was easy to use and didn’t cause problematic sensitivity. Seeing that it didn’t cost very much, I decided to give it a try. Within a few weeks, I saw more of a change than I had after several months with most other products. Initially the improvements were much more noticeable on the top row of teeth, but soon I started easily recognizing them on the bottom as well. The results were so stark, and the process so easy, that I had to spread the word. I’ve been doing so ever since, and now have the opportunity to do so here. Read on to find out how Hollywood Bright Smile works.

What Is Hollywood Bright Smile?

The Hollywood Bright Smile Whitening Kit is a simple set of tools for removing stains and adding a bright while luster to your teeth. Included in the package are molding trays which fit over your rows of teeth, a powerful whitening gel and syringe for easy application. The patented teeth whitening gel utilized by Bright Smile consists of 35 percent carbamide peroxide. This substance is not used by dentists in chair-side treatments because of how long it takes to break down and unleash its effects. However, this is why it works perfectly with the Hollywood Bright Smile Approach. Placing the comfortable molded trays into your mouth lets the ingredients go to work while you go about your business.

What Is Hollywood Bright Smile

How to use Hollywood Bright Smile? It’s actually extremely easy. All you need to do is apply three dots of the whitening gel compound to the inside of the mouthpiece. Then, affix the trays to your teeth firmly. Leave them in place for about 15 minutes and let the whitening gel work its magic. Once finished, remove them and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Unlike many other similar products, this one didn’t leave a gross aftertaste and didn’t leave my teeth feeling extremely sensitive to touch and temperatures. This was a difference that I greatly appreciated.

Hollywood Bright Smile Features

  • Easy to use system with dramatic results
  • Powerful teeth whitening gel contains 35% carbamide peroxide
  • Replicates a dental cleaning in the comfort of your home
  • Lacks the aftertaste and sensitivity that accompany many other products
  • Restore the brightness in your smile and gain more confidence

Why Use A Tooth Whitener?

Even if you’re not someone like me who fell behind on dental hygiene as a child, losing the whiteness in your teeth is a threat we all face. Cigarettes, coffee, modern diets and more all contribute to this issue. Heck, even the natural aging process diminishes our dental luster. This is why a product like Hollywood Bright Smile is so helpful for so many individuals.

Get Hollywood Bright Smile Now

If you aren’t smiling like you mean it, then it might be time you join the movement. People around the country are experiencing improved whitening results with this revolutionary system. Right now, for a limited time only, Hollywood Bright Smile is available through a special trial offer. You can give this breakthrough whitening kit a try with no risk. It is an offer that won’t last long, so act quickly to take advantage. Click below for details.

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